iCEBREAKERS today at the Swisscom IoT Day 2022 in Zurich.

We help IoT companies to success with our expertise and strong experience in the IoT space. #SimplifyGrowWin #Swisscom #IoT #IotDay2022 #DigitalTransformation #iCEBREAKERS #iCEBREAKERSCONSULTING...   More


SWISS TECH STARTUPS AND SMEs! Are you looking for an international market expansion? Contact us, we can break the ice!

Over the years while forging our careers in different industries and businesses, we have been developing vast networks of contacts worldwide. This enables our customers a quick market entry and expansion to...   More


Forming the iCEBREAKERS Culture - Our Core Values

True to our core values, we believe in passion, commitment and persistence. ✅ We are PASSIONATE about international business and digital transformation. ✅ We are COMMITTED to helping our customers to...   More


Are you ready to WIN?

At iCEBREAKERS, we help our customers design a winning strategy. We provide support in the strategy process to make the strategy tangible and fit to win the game. We enable companies to be successful in both...   More


Don’t be afraid to GROW.

What do a child and a growth company have in common? They both may find growing a challenge, which comes with a lot of uncertainties. Just as a child needs the guidance of a parent to grow and prosper, a...   More


SIMPLIFY. Be curious to ask why, and maximize your potential.

Even though Ronald Reagan wasn’t the best actor in Hollywood, he was smart enough to surround himself with very capable and talented people, and eventually became an effective leader in his role as the US...   More


At iCEBREAKERS, we follow the mantra of 'Simplify. Grow. Win.' This is what it means for us.

💡 Simplify. Eliminate unnecessary complexity in your business and simplify to fuel growth. 🚀 Grow. We enable businesses to scale, penetrate markets and accelerate growth quickly and profitably. 🏆 Win....   More


Two childhood friends join forces on a new journey - meet the iCEBREAKERS!

iCEBREAKERS CONSULTING was founded by two experienced professionals Jerry Raatikainen and Peter Albert Tasala, now combining their wide range of robust competencies and solid knowledge in international...   More